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On automatic stamping machines with a force of pressure up to 100 tons and with up to 1200 strokes per minute band material that is up to 320 mm wide and from 0,1 mm up to 1,5 mm thick can be processed in tools of a length up to 2.000 mm. Besides steel and stainless steel strips also coloured metal is put to use.

Our toolmaker`s shop produces follow-on composite tools, for small-lot productions as well as for industrial scale manufacture, which are economical and corresponding to the quantity and also guarantee a high precision.
Many hundred million stampings per year are being produced for our customers worldwide.

Of course we also deliver complete parts with aftertreatment such as heat treatment, mechanical and/or galvanic surface treatment.

All manufacturing processes take place at Roll to ensure highest flexibility and best quality. A high degree of automation guarantees a very good cost-performance ratio.