… successful for over 90 years

Gottlieb Roll founds an engraving and stamping business in Idar-Oberstein, the town of gemstones. The master-engraver from Oetisheim near Pforzheim has the right feeling for the design requests of the Idar-Oberstein jewellery industry and also the ability to precisely realise his design sketches.

By that Roll quickly becomes well know not only in Idar-Oberstein for the manufacturing of filigree metal components for the jewellery- and furniture industry.


Under the management of Richard Roll the craftman`s business grows into a modern, middle-class company, supplying the stationary industry with metal parts for writing instruments worldwide.


In the 3rd and 4th generation as family business Roll`s aim is to be a development partner with series competence, since everything from the construction to the prototype phases up to the series delivery is offered from one business.

The company`s principle is: "Highest quality level and shortest delivery time."